Ask Your Commercial Paving Contractor These Questions

Ask Your Commercial Paving Contractor These Questions

Keep your commercial parking lot project affordable and efficient. There are many paving companies that specialize in commercial properties, so it can be difficult to choose the right contractor for your project. When comparing companies in your area, be sure to consider their answers to the following.

Do You Have Experience Related to This Project?

You want to work with an experienced professional. While every contractor needs to start somewhere, less experienced companies may not offer the same flawless, long-lasting asphalt surface. An experienced team knows all the tips and tricks necessary to install and maintain a parking lot with minimal time and cost.

An improperly patched or sealed parking lot may allow moisture to enter. Over time, this creates cracks not only in the surface but also in the foundation of your parking lot. A cracked parking lot reduces the professional look of your business location and can be a liability for your customers and employees.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Only work with licensed and insured contractors for your company’s projects. Insurance protects you in the event of any accidents or improper installation. A licensed contractor ensures your parking lot follows local ordinances and building codes. Breathe easy knowing that you’ll receive a quality service and a long-lasting, legal asphalt project.

Do You Have a Time and Cost Estimate?

Don’t sign up for a service without knowing how much it will cost you. A parking lot installation or repair service can make it inconvenient for your customers for a short period, so be sure your contractor works quickly and efficiently with little hassle.

Contact Azzarelli Paving & Site Development today to request a quote for your parking lot project. From line striping and sealing services to full-service installation, our licensed and insured contractors can offer you professional results. Call 813-296-6500 or email us today to learn more!

Parking Lot Restriping: The Ultimate Guide

Your parking lot has a bigger impact on your business than you might think. The condition of your parking lot can determine which customers want to check out your business and which will pass it by. Parking lot restriping not only helps the aesthetic appeal, but it increases safety as well. If you think it’s time to restripe your parking lot, ask yourself these two questions.

Is It Time?

For most businesses, the parking lot needs to be restriped every two years. For other businesses, once a year might be necessary. The hot Florida sun may cause the paint to fade or the asphalt to deteriorate faster than cooler regions. In addition to regular maintenance, if you plan to sell the property, you want the lines to be clear.

Are There Benefits?

On one hand, you can say that one of the biggest benefits of a restriped parking lot is the aesthetic. If your parking lot is disorganized, people are going to feel less confident about your business. First impressions matter. In addition, a striped parking lot is safer for customers. Striping helps direct the flow of traffic. If you do not have indicators of where to park and directions for traffic, you could be liable for accidents on the premises. Not only can you be held accountable for accidents resulting from a poorly striped lot, you may also be in violation of ADA standards. The ADA requires you to have clear handicap spots available in your lot, if these spaces are not clearly marked people may think your property is not accessible and leave as a result.

If you want to ensure that your parking lot has visible and high-quality lines, invest in professional help. To find out more about commercial paving, striping, and other parking lot maintenance strategies, contact Azzarelli Paving and Site Development today by calling 813-296-6500 or sending us an email.

The Benefits of Asphalt Milling for Your Parking Lot

It’s a given that your parking lot is important to your success. Your efforts to keep it nice benefit your employees and your customers by creating a safe environment for driving and walking. When your parking lot looks good, your company looks good. Still, you may have questions on how best to go about maintaining your lot in the most efficient and affordable manner. Discover why asphalt milling is often an excellent solution.

The Process of Asphalt Milling

This process is relatively new, gaining favor in the 1970s. It starts with grinding up the old asphalt surface from an inch or two down to full removal depth. The sub-base of the lot is left intact. The removed asphalt is taken to a recycling facility where the materials are turned into a new mix and then applied back to your parking lot. The numerous benefits of this approach include the following:

  • The process is quick and affordable
  • It can be used for the entire parking lot or just sections of it
  • It uses less resources and energy than a complete repaving
  • It reduces the height of a lot that has had multiple overlays
  • It can help retain effective drainage of the lot

This process can be especially cost-effective when you have specific areas that need attention. The damaged parts are removed, recycled, and then reapplied to bring the area to the desired height.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

It’s never smart to let your parking lot go too long without an inspection. Problems such as poor drainage, faded out markings, and potholes only get worse with time and wind up costing a lot. Plus, a well-maintained lot cuts down on customer complaints and the possibility of lawsuits. Set up a regular inspection schedule so you won’t be blindsided by expensive repairs. Contact Azzarelli Paving and Site Development by calling 813-296-6500 or sending us an email to learn more about asphalt milling and other ways to improve your lot.

Springtime Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Spring is an amazing time of year in Tampa. Before the crowds flock to the coastline and vibrant streets of your area, be sure to carefully inspect your parking lot. Stay up-to-date and welcoming with a convenient, safe parking lot. Find out how professional maintenance services can prevent major hazards and expenses. 

Refresh Your Parking Lot Look

There’s nothing like vibrant parking lot striping to keep your storefront, office, or apartment complex looking fresh and appealing. Bold white or yellow striping by a professional service provider can enhance your curb appeal and invite guests to stop by and see your location. It’s also a welcomed feature for employees who would rather be at the beach. In addition to appearance, these services will also increase the safety of your lot. Keep your customers and employees safe and happy when visiting your property.

Check for Signs of Damage

Take a walk in the warm spring weather and inspect your commercial asphalt for any signs of cracking or potholes. These minor issues can make your property look unprofessional and uninviting. Over time, minor damages can lead to major issues that are far more expensive to repair. A small investment now can, over time, save you significantly in asphalt repairs.

A minor pothole can be easily repaired at an affordable cost. A large pothole, on the other hand, requires far more maintenance and can lead to an inconvenient bump and unappealing look. Over time, these large maintenance tasks can compromise the foundation of your parking lot and require costly repairs.

Work With a Professional

Keep up your beautiful commercial building exterior with asphalt maintenance by Azzarelli Paving & Site Development. Contact us today to receive a quote for full-service asphalt repairs, striping, and sealcoating before the crowds come to see the sights this summer. Work with a leader in the Tampa area to enjoy affordable, effective asphalt maintenance by calling 813-296-6500 or emailing us today!

Three Facts You Should Know About Commercial Asphalt Parking Lots

Your parking lot often gives customers their first impression of your business. If it’s full of cracks, potholes, and debris, those customers may form a negative opinion of your business before even stepping foot inside. Keeping up on maintenance is imperative to having happy customers. As with most things, the more you understand about your asphalt, the more you will appreciate it.

1. An Experienced Contractor Is Essential

When you want your asphalt taken care of correctly, you need an experienced contractor. Someone with professional experience has the machinery, the tools, and the know-how to get the job done right. When you hire an experienced contractor, it could save you time, money, and stress on installation, maintenance, and repairs.

2. The Sub-Base Is the Most Important Layer

Your sub-base is what holds up the entire parking lot. It’s important your sub-base is installed correctly so the structural integrity of the lot is secure. A properly installed sub-base also helps with proper drainage, and prevents sinking, cracking, and shifting.

A sub-base that is properly stabilized will also withstand changes in weather. This improves durability and increases longevity.

3. Asphalt Is a Green Product

Not many people realize this, but asphalt is recyclable and it’s actually one of the most recycled materials in the nation. 95% of asphalt that is used in projects today has been recycled from previous projects. Concrete, oil, and asphalt shingles can be reused and repurposed into an asphalt parking lot. If you have porous asphalt, it takes being green to a new level, as water runoff permeates through the surface and is introduced back to the ground where it belongs.

Learning More About Asphalt

As you can imagine, asphalt is a versatile material that is sought after for a variety of projects. Hiring a contractor, paying attention to the sub-base, and understanding the benefits of asphalt is a great place to get started with your parking lot project. Contact Azzarelli Paving & Site Development today by calling 813-296-6500 or sending us an email to learn more.

Sealcoating Basics for Your Parking Lot

Keep your parking lot beautiful and well maintained with a professional sealcoating. Don’t let a minor crack or worn coating create costly damage to your professional parking lot. Learn more about this essential maintenance step and find out how you can receive quality sealcoating near you.

What Is Sealcoating?

Asphalt parking lots fade over time. Whether you have a shaded lot or your asphalt is exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, the surface will slowly oxidize, or fade, and begin to wear away. Oxidation is not only an aesthetic issue but is also a sign that the protective coating is wearing away from your parking lot.

A professional asphalt contractor will spread a thin layer of asphalt cement or coal tar pitch to protect your parking lot from the worst effects of UV rays, water, oil, salt, and gasoline. A properly applied sealcoat will last for two or three years. If you haven’t received a professional sealcoat in three years or more, it’s time to have your parking lot inspected and a service scheduled.

When Is Sealcoating Necessary?

Without sealcoating, your parking lot will experience a number of negative effects. First, oxidation will cause your beautiful blacktop to look dull and gray. Over time, water will penetrate the surface and create cracks and potholes. When these potholes reach the foundation, the repair process can be extremely costly. Sealcoating is an excellent investment that will prevent major expenses and downtime as your parking lot is repaired.

Importance of Professional Sealcoating and Maintenance

Restore the beauty and durability of your commercial parking lot with a professional sealcoating service. Contact Azzarelli Paving & Site Development today to receive a quote for dependable sealcoating, striping, and other asphalt maintenance. Enjoy premier services that protect your investment and improve the overall look of your commercial property. With quality maintenance services, you’ll enjoy a reliable parking lot for years to come. Call 813-296-6500 or email us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pavement Crack Filling

Weather, traffic, and many other factors play a role in the forming of cracks in your pavement. As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the property is safe and tidy, which means having these cracks filled. Read on to discover the answers to some of the questions you may have regarding pavement crack filling.

When Should I Get the Cracks Filled?

When your pavement gets cracked, it could get tedious to have them filled as they come. Instead, you can schedule a regular filling service to have the professionals routinely fill what needs to be done. It seems to be most popular during spring and fall, but any time the professionals can get you scheduled is a great time.

Will the Filling Get Tracked Into the Building?

As a business owner, we understand you don’t want your outside pavement filling to get tracked into the building. The good news is, the materials used to fill pavement cracks will dry in a matter of minutes. If someone steps on it, nothing should get tracked anywhere.

Will the Temperature Affect My Filling?

The material used to fill cracks in pavement is made to expand and contract with the changes in temperature. It’s possible extremely hot temperatures will allow the area to crack further, and this is why yearly maintenance is essential. For the most part, the temperature shouldn’t hurt your filling.

Is There Any Way to Prevent Cracks?

Unfortunately, cracks in the pavement can happen no matter how good you are at keeping up with maintenance, but the better you are, the fewer cracks you will have to deal with. With a yearly inspection, the professionals will recognize small issues and be able to repair them before they become bigger. You can also look out for small issues on a daily basis as you spend time on the property, alerting the professionals to them as they come.

Getting Started with Crack Filling

For more information about pavement crack filling, or to schedule your regular maintenance, contact the professionals. Contact Azzarelli Paving & Site Development by calling 813-296-6500 or emailing us today to get started.

It’s Not Too Late To Fill Pavement Cracks

An unfortunate fact of property management is that asphalt pavements crack over time. Some managers put off filling these cracks only to see them widen and worsen. This, in turn, takes away from the appearance of the property.

When To Repair Cracked Pavements

The best time to fill cracks is from April through November. During the fall, rain fills these cracks. As temperatures drop, the water expands as it hardens, especially if it forms ice. This expands the cracks. The cycle then repeats itself throughout the winter season into early spring.

Why Procrastination Is Dangerous

Procrastination costs businesses a lot of money when it comes to repairing cracked pavements. Some people may believe that living in Florida insulates them from the cold weather. However, temperatures can dip as low as the early 50s in the winter months.

How Effective Is Crack Repairing

Contractors use filling material heated to 300℉ to fill the cracks. As the material cools, it expands to ensure it fills the crack completely. It dries within minutes, which reduces the likelihood of tenants or visitors tracking this into the building. The material is flexible and responds well to most weather conditions. However, extreme temperature changes may cause the crack to reappear.

How To Properly Maintain Pavements

Repairing cracks is just one aspect of the maintenance work. Property managers should commit to inspecting pavements on an annual basis and refilling any cracks before they grow into bigger problems. Sealcoating also helps to extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. A proper overlay may become necessary every 20 or so years.

Is it time to inspect, repair, seal, or repave your asphalt driveway or parking lot? Try to get this task out of the way before the colder season comes around again. Azzarelli Paving & Site Development has been paving with pride since 1983. Call 813-296-6500 or email us today!

Save Time and Money with an Asphalt Parking Lot

As a property manager, you make many important decisions for the company you work for. Some of those decisions are difficult and the pros and cons may not always be clear. Now and then, you can make a decision that is a win-win, making you look like a hero. That’s the case with asphalt parking lots. They save the company time and money, and they are better for customers and tenants, too. In addition to looking great, a well-maintained parking lot is safer, easier to access, and requires a manageable level of maintenance. In many cases, with a scheduled program of maintenance, a good-looking parking lot runs almost on auto pilot.

Clear Benefits of Asphalt for Customers

Your customers will love the clean look of asphalt. With a little bit of care, your clients will enjoy the following advantages:

  • A smoother surface makes it easier on vehicles
  • Quality striping shows up well and provides clear directions
  • Asphalt has enhanced skid resistance
  • A level surface reduces trips and falls

Along with good lighting and fresh striping, an asphalt parking lot increases safety for all users. Sealcoating improves drainage and the appearance of the lot by eliminating stains and other blemishes.

Distinct Advantages for Owners

An asphalt parking lot can be installed relatively quickly, reducing company downtime during the construction period. In many cases, a new parking lot can be accomplished in a few short days. Much of the maintenance on asphalt can be done in a non-intrusive manner with zero inconvenience to clients.

Asphalt strengthens the company bottom line in several ways. A well-maintained surface attracts customers, bringing in business to the company. The same can be said for tenants, who appreciate a nice place to park each day. To learn more about the benefits of asphalt contact Azzarelli Paving & Site Development by calling 813-296-6500 or emailing us today!

How to Identify High-Quality Parking Lot Paving

Your business’s parking lot is important. If it’s time to replace your lot, you want to make sure you get the highest quality service. Asphalt parking lots should last for a long time. When looking for a contractor, you can always look at their prior work to see if they’d be the right fit. Here is what to look for in their work to determine whether they will deliver a high-quality paving job.

Smooth Appearance

Commercial parking lots should not be bumpy in appearance. After a brand-new job, it should look smooth and free of bumps. Bumps not only look bad, but can often be a sign that the new asphalt will not last. When you look at a company’s work, look for a smooth parking lot without a lot of bumps or jagged details.

Appropriate Drainage

When it comes to asphalt, water is one of the biggest hazards. If your parking lot can’t drain, the water may pool or drain into the cracks and ruin your parking lot. Not to mention, it can be dangerous for cars and pedestrians. A quality paving job should always include sufficient drainage.

Quality Detailed

A trustworthy paving company will pay close attention to every detail. While the big picture is important, that isn’t all that the company needs to focus on. Instead, a quality pave job pays attention to every detail, from the biggest to the smallest. The contractors will work hard to ensure that you have durable, smooth, and even pavement.

Durable Base

When a contractor lays a brand-new parking lot, he or she will need to create a base first. This base is generally made from gravel. You need the base to stay strong under pressure. After all, parking lots not only handle heavyweight vehicles, but they deal with a lot of traffic as well.

If it’s time to pave your commercial parking lot, you want to choose a company with a reputation that matches the quality work you need completed. For a high-quality job contact Azzarelli Paving by calling 813-296-6500 or sending us an email today!