Puddles in Your Parking Lot?

Water pooling on asphalt

Do you have puddles all over your parking lot? Given that standing water can lead to damage or even injuries, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. If there are puddles, you most likely have a drainage issue. It could be compaction, it could be problems with the subbase, or it could be depression. How do you know what caused your pooling problem?

Do You Have Grade Depressions or Rutting?

Puddles in parking lots can occur due to vehicles being parked in the same place every day. Sometimes, cars can deform the pavement and this is called rutting. You may see indentations along the paths where the wheels have been. Grade depressions, on the other hand, occur when the pavement settles lower than other sections of the pavement. Both can cause pools of water in the depressions.

Do You Have Porous Pavement?

Without porous pavement, the water may have difficulty draining. Porous pavement drains water through the base material. This type of pavement has different voids that allow water to travel towards a natural retention system or drain tile system. If you do not have porous pavement, you cannot simply replace sections with porous. Instead, the whole drainage system has to be made.

What Can You Do About Puddles?

To fix pooling, you must consider the condition of your parking lot. The options generally are to pave a new surface layer or to apply a sealcoat. The contractor would perform infrared heats where the puddles are and then apply sealcoat after.

For the sake of your asphalt parking lot, you do not want to have standing water. Whenever you have puddles over your parking lot, it is crucial to have it checked out to find the source of the problem. Once you know the source, you can work on a solution. For your answers to parking lot repair, contact Azzarelli Paving and Site Development today by calling 813-296-6500 or sending us an email!

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