Springtime Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Spring is an amazing time of year in Tampa. Before the crowds flock to the coastline and vibrant streets of your area, be sure to carefully inspect your parking lot. Stay up-to-date and welcoming with a convenient, safe parking lot. Find out how professional maintenance services can prevent major hazards and expenses. 

Refresh Your Parking Lot Look

There’s nothing like vibrant parking lot striping to keep your storefront, office, or apartment complex looking fresh and appealing. Bold white or yellow striping by a professional service provider can enhance your curb appeal and invite guests to stop by and see your location. It’s also a welcomed feature for employees who would rather be at the beach. In addition to appearance, these services will also increase the safety of your lot. Keep your customers and employees safe and happy when visiting your property.

Check for Signs of Damage

Take a walk in the warm spring weather and inspect your commercial asphalt for any signs of cracking or potholes. These minor issues can make your property look unprofessional and uninviting. Over time, minor damages can lead to major issues that are far more expensive to repair. A small investment now can, over time, save you significantly in asphalt repairs.

A minor pothole can be easily repaired at an affordable cost. A large pothole, on the other hand, requires far more maintenance and can lead to an inconvenient bump and unappealing look. Over time, these large maintenance tasks can compromise the foundation of your parking lot and require costly repairs.

Work With a Professional

Keep up your beautiful commercial building exterior with asphalt maintenance by Azzarelli Paving & Site Development. Contact us today to receive a quote for full-service asphalt repairs, striping, and sealcoating before the crowds come to see the sights this summer. Work with a leader in the Tampa area to enjoy affordable, effective asphalt maintenance by calling 813-296-6500 or emailing us today!

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