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Protect Your Company from Lawsuits with Quality Paving

Protect Your Company from Lawsuits with Quality Paving

In today’s society, lawsuits can come from many directions, including a parking lot in poor shape. Instead of worrying about troublesome and expensive litigation, you can take steps to shield your business from legal problems by maintaining your lot to high standards. Not only are you less likely to get sued, but you also reap the benefits of a beautiful lot, happy customers, and cost-efficiency.

Our team at Azzarelli Paving will help you reach compliance when it comes to ADA requirements. We will also level your asphalt surface to prevent slips, falls, and vehicle damage.

The Risks of Potholes and Cracks

Not only do flaws in the surface of your lot look bad, but they can also result in legal action against your company. This can have severe consequences on your company’s balance sheet. As lawsuits continue to increase throughout society, a quality paving job can mitigate risks in many ways:

  • Eliminate the dangers that come from cracks in the surface
  • Reduce the possibility of vehicle damage from potholes
  • Decrease the risk of personal injury from trips
  • Safeguard against accidents due to faded striping or bad lighting

The cost of repairs to your parking lot is less than even a small lawsuit. Fixing cracks and potholes will cost you a few hundred dollars, while litigation expenses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The Dangers of a Neglected Parking Lot

Your company stands to lose a lot from a poorly-maintained parking lot. The risks for premises liability are real. Proactive maintenance limits hazards that can wind up costing you a bundle. Timely repairs, sealcoating, and even repaving your lot offer solid protection from legal action and give you peace of mind.

Contact our team at Azzarelli Paving at 813-985-9970. We specialize in asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance for Florida companies.

Your Guide to Asphalt Milling

asphalt milling

When it comes to asphalt repair, asphalt milling is one of the most versatile and affordable options. At Azzarelli Paving, we understand the importance of a functioning and level asphalt parking lot. Understanding the importance of asphalt maintenance can help prevent further structural damage to your commercial parking lot through the milling process.

Understanding Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling involves removing the surface layer of asphalt to repair internal structural damages where the affected area is leveled, and a new surface layer is installed. When it comes to asphalt maintenance, there are several types of milling depending on the kind of damage your parking lot suffered; this includes:

  • Fine Milling: Fine milling removes the damaged surface and repairs the foundational defects before placing an overlay on top
  • Micro Milling: Micro milling removes the crumbling and damaged asphalt, along with old surface treatments to reveal untarnished asphalt
  • Planing: Planing involves creating a level plane for commercial and vehicular use. We remove damaged pavement and use it for the new aggregate to create a level surface

Any form of asphalt repair and maintenance is an investment that boosts the value of your property. Milling tends to be one of the most affordable forms of pavement restoration and asphalt maintenance.

Knowing When Asphalt Milling Is Necessary

When there are cracks on the surface of your pavement, it could indicate there is a structural issue at hand. When contractors remove the surface layer, they can assess the pavement, find the source of the problem, and fix your pavement from the inside. You may repair cracks on the surface in some cases, but it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem as the gaps may reappear later. Asphalt repair and milling help you find out what’s going on and can save you money on repairs down the road.

When you see cracking asphalt in various spots, you may have a structural issue. It would be best if you also considered asphalt maintenance when you see shoving, rutting, gradient defects, or uneven pavement. If not addressed, you could risk vehicular damages or injury.

If you want to ensure the structural integrity of your pavement, asphalt milling may be necessary. At Azzarelli Paving, we understand when milling is essential. Contact us by calling 813-296-6500 or email us today for more information!

How to Design the Perfect Parking Lot

parking lot

Parking Lot Design Tips

As a driver, you may have found yourself in a tight spot at one time or another in a parking lot. Maybe there isn’t enough room in the parking space, or perhaps it’s a high traffic area and accidents frequently occur. If you own a business, having a parking lot that is easy to navigate will leave a lasting impression on employees and clients. The last thing you want is a bad review because your parking lot is lackluster. Your lot should be practical, precise, and sufficient.

Predict Your Traffic Flow

Before you can prepare your parking lot, you need to know what types of vehicles will be using the spaces. Do you expect a lot of big rigs? Will people mostly drive standard cars? Knowing this kind of information can help improve traffic flow and assist with each spot’s spacing, curbing, and angling. According to the ADA, businesses are required to have accessible parking that also meets the legal requirements. This will help with the installation process.

Be Precise in Your Measurements

Contractors need to survey your parking lot ahead of time. We will assess the distances and angles before establishing boundary lines. Every parking lot is different and you need to keep entry and exit positions, environmental conditions, and code requirements in mind.

Ensuring that your parking lot is safe will help your clients and employees feel comfortable parking in your lot. If it takes too much time to find a spot, some people will feel discouraged and give up.  Spaces set at 45 or 60 degrees help keep the traffic flowing and make it easier to pull in and out of spaces. Your angles also influence the dimensions of the driving aisles.

Keep It Attractive

Your parking lot does not have to be an ugly, gray area. It can be appealing and functional. When you make the space engaging, you can lift your customer’s mood when they arrive.

Your parking lot is a critical part of your business. A bad parking lot can deter potential customers and clients. At Azzarelli Paving & Site Development, we have been synonymous with road construction since the 1950s. Consult with us today to design a practical parking lot for your building.

Is Sealcoating or Repaving the Answer for You?

So you have found yourself standing in the parking lot or the driveway of your workplace, recognizing that the surface of the asphalt is not conducive to business or safety. You ask, what must be done to make it acceptable and functional? Should you have it sealcoated? Is the damage so significant it must be repaved? To make that decision, you may want to understand the difference between these processes.

Sealcoating to Preserve a Workable Surface

It does not take long in our area for the sun and weather to dim the dark luster of asphalt. If the issue with your paved area concerns its appearance—gray coloring with a few spots that require repair—sealcoating may restore its appearance. As a rule of thumb, if significant damage in the form of cracks, holes, and deterioration does not cover more than two-fifths of the total surface, you may be able to rely on a sealcoat.

Paving Over Your Problems

If there is significant damage to 60% or more of the surface, repaving may be your best solution. It is important to note that repaving does not mean you must remove the entirety of the pavement and start from scratch. A full replacement is only necessary when the underlying foundation itself has been compromised. It may be possible to restore your parking lot or driveway with an overlay, which is essentially an additional layer of asphalt applied to the existing surface.

Calling Azzarelli as the One Sure Solution

Regardless of whether you can successfully repair your pavement with a sealcoat or an overlay or more work is needed, you can be sure of the professional expertise of Azzarelli Paving & Site Development. We can assess your situation, explain your options, and make your pavement look brand new again. Contact us today for a free estimate!

How To Budget for Your Commercial Parking Lot

parking lot

At Azzarelli Paving, we understand the importance of your annual budget. Some expenses are easier to plan for than others, such as electricity, rent, office supplies, and other annual expenses. However, knowing your asphalt paving maintenance costs for the year may not be as easy to predict.

Determine the Maintenance You May Require

Before you can budget for asphalt management, you need to go out and inspect your parking lot. Do you see any obvious damage, such as cracks or potholes? If you have interlocking cracks or alligator cracking, it could indicate a foundation problem. Cracks of this nature cannot be filled. Instead, you would have to budget the costs of having the damaged areas removed. Your contractor would repair the foundation and install new pavement.

If your pavement has turned gray with age, you are probably overdue for seal coating. Sealcoating is necessary to protect your pavement and to extend its life. If this is the case, there is a good chance your striping has faded and will need to be repainted.

Once you inspect the lot, think about your lot’s age. If your pavement is over ten years old, it may be time to renovate it. This depends on how well you maintained the asphalt over the last decade, you may only have to renovate the most used paths.

Discuss Your Project With the Professionals

We are here for you if you need help assigning value to your projects. We can conduct routine inspections and preventative maintenance. We can also help design a pavement management plan that can help maximize your asphalt’s lifespan.

Get in touch with Azzarelli Paving today for parking lot maintenance, milling, seal coating, and repairs!

Essential Elements of Parking Lot Safety

parking lot safety

Create a Safe Parking Lot

While you definitely want your parking lot to look nice for your customers, it is also critical that the area is a haven for everyone. An unsafe lot can lead to trips and falls, vehicle crashes, theft, and property damage. These, in turn, can lead to headaches for your business in terms of lawsuits, complaints, and loss of income. At Azzarelli Paving, we make sure your parking lot looks its best and that it provides a secure space for drivers, walkers, visitors, and employees. We have been paving in the central Florida area since 1983, and we have what it takes to help you get the most out of your parking lot.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Over time an asphalt surface will develop cracks and potholes. These will eventually make a parking lot look shabby and unmaintained. As these deformities expand, they become stumbling blocks for those walking in and out of your building. They can also cause drivers to veer out of lanes, increasing the chance for accidents. At Azzarelli Paving, we recommend  a plan with the following features:

  • Routine inspections to identify problems
  • Timely repairs to cracks and potholes
  • Asphalt seal coating to increase parking lot lifespan
  • Striping for ADA compliance and clarity

The heart of a safe parking lot is a smooth asphalt surface. A regular maintenance plan is the best way to catch small problems before they become safety issues.

The Benefits of a Nice Parking Lot

A well-maintained lot invites clients into your property and puts a shine on your company’s brand image. It also ensures that customers will be able to easily reach your front door. Elderly customers and those with disabilities will especially appreciate a professionally maintained lot.

At Azzarelli Paving, we provide a variety of valuable services for your pavement. Call 813-296-6500 or email us today to learn more.

Diagnosing Common Asphalt Problems

asphalt problems

Asphalt Issues to Pay Attention To

Your asphalt is sometimes the first thing customers will see. If your parking lot has severe damage, it will not give a good impression of your company. Fortunately, Azzarelli comes to the rescue with a variety of asphalt services. There are a few ways you can diagnose the issues with your asphalt lot.

Keep a Watch on Cracking

Cracking is going to happen as the heat makes the asphalt fluctuate, but there are different types of cracks to watch for. Block cracking has a larger pattern caused by erosion, settling, and other issues. Alligator cracks are also caused by these issues but have a smaller pattern that looks like alligator skin. Block cracking should be watched and fixed when necessary, however, when alligator cracking begins, it is essential that they get repaired right away. Sometimes removing the substrate and reconstructing the parking lot is necessary.

Pay Attention To Washboarding and Slippage

Both washboarding and slippage are created when the upper layer and lower layers begin to move. This could happen due to several issues such as poor installation, horizontal pressure, or other similar actions. If you notice either of these issues, a patch might be necessary.

Never Ignore Potholes

Potholes don’t just look bad, they can cause a dangerous scenario for anyone who walks through the parking lot. Potholes also cause serious damage to vehicles, so ignoring them is never an option. If a pothole is left for too long, cracks will begin to extend from it, leading to more severe hazards and damages. Many potholes go as deep as to the base of your parking lot asphalt. Repairs are essential as soon as you notice a pothole.

Contact the Professionals To Schedule Services

If you notice any damages to your asphalt, contact the professionals at Azzarelli Paving & Site Development right away.

The Valuable Process of Asphalt Milling

asphalt milling

Consider Asphalt Milling For Your Property

If you have a commercial parking lot or long driveway, asphalt milling is a process that can benefit your business in several ways. It can improve the look and function of your exterior grounds at a fraction of the cost of replacing an asphalt surface entirely.

At Azzarelli, our professionals will remove the top surface of your parking lot to an appropriate depth. They will be sure to keep the underlying sub-base intact, which can save you time and money. Curbs, drainage features, and other structures also will not be touched. Finally, a new layer of asphalt is placed over the sub-base, creating an essentially new parking lot that is just the right height.

The Benefits of Asphalt Milling

While a completely new parking lot or driveway is definitely a good thing, it isn’t always necessary. The alternative, asphalt milling, has several key benefits:

  • It can save time
  • It can reduce the overall price
  • It looks great
  • It repairs a rough parking lot
  • It lasts a long time

Another benefit of the process is that the milled or removed asphalt can later be used for other paving projects. This recycling of materials saves both resources and energy.

The Process of Asphalt Milling

Milling machines consist of a cutting drum, vacuum, and conveyance system. The cutting mechanism chews up the existing asphalt to the desired depth. Next, the vacuum sucks up the materials, and then the conveyance system transports them to a dump truck. The new, lower surface of the parking lot is swept clean, and then a new layer of asphalt is placed on top. 

Our team at Azzarelli Paving & Site Development can use asphalt milling to bring an old parking lot back to pristine condition. Call 813-296-6500 or email us today to find out the best solutions for your parking lot.

Asphalt Overlay 101

asphalt overlay process

What Is An Asphalt Overlay?

If you have an asphalt parking lot, the top layer may begin to deteriorate over time. Fortunately, when this starts to happen, you have options besides tearing it up and starting over. For instance, you can use a paving method known as asphalt overlay. In asphalt overlay, you use the existing layers as a base, and then the new asphalt is applied to the surface. In some cases, it may have to be milled before the overlay can be applied.


Before we begin the overlay process, we will have to assess the parking lot. Not all asphalt surfaces are appropriate for overlay. Asphalt that has root damage, extensive structural damage, or ruts in the surface may have to be ripped up. Likewise, if your asphalt parking lot cannot drain water, then you may have to have the surface regraded.

After we complete the assessment, we can determine how to move forward with the asphalt repairs.


As mentioned above, some lots will require milling before the overlay can be applied. Milling removes the top layer of asphalt and rids your parking lot of any cracks, damage, or raveling. The top layer has to be removed so that the asphalt will bond to the base layers. We utilize a milling machine that can grind the layer from one inch to three inches. Next, the surface is taken to a recycling plant.


In order to lay the new asphalt, repairs will need to be completed on the base layers. For example, if your parking lot has potholes, sinking, or rutting, then we can rebuild it. We can use aggregate and asphalt.

The end of the process is the asphalt overlay. We pave the overlay on top of the surface. The thickness of the overlay will depend on the existing surface, generally ranging from about one and a half to two inches.

If you think an asphalt overlay is right for your property, contact the professionals at Azzarelli today!   

Asphalt Site Development and Installation: What You Need to Know

site development

On-site parking is a huge perk that is often taken for granted. People don’t realize how convenient it is until they get somewhere and street parking as the only option. Having a parking lot on your property is a key factor in your business’s success. Think about it, if there are two grocery stores nearby, one with a spacious parking lot and one where you have to find a spot on the street, which are you going to choose? Nine out of ten people will choose the store with a parking lot. Some people will even drive a little further if it means easy parking. So if you are building a new property, or considering adding or replacing a parking lot on an existing property, keep this in mind.

Experience Makes a Difference

You should never trust your asphalt parking lot to just anyone who claims to be able to get the job done. At Azzarelli Paving, we have years of experience in the industry. Since 1948, our company has been excavating, hauling, paving, and completing a wide range of other industry-related services for business owners in and around Tampa.

Your Sub-Base Is Important

One element of your asphalt parking lot that we pay special attention to is your sub-base. Sure, you want the top layer to look good and function well, but if the sub-base isn’t installed properly, it could change the integrity and drainage of your lot. Our professional sub-base installation cuts down on the amount of sinking, shifting, and cracking your lot experiences.

Asphalt Is a Green Solution

When you think of top recycled products, you most likely think of paper or plastic. However, asphalt is actually one of the top recycled materials in the nation, along with concrete and steel. Other products, such as concrete, asphalt shingles, and oil, are also recycled to create asphalt parking lots.

Contact Us Today

At Azzarelli Paving & Site Development, we are committed to the structural integrity and efficiency of your asphalt parking lot. When you’re thinking about site development and installation, call 813-296-6500 or send us an email to discuss your options.