Parking Lot Restriping: The Ultimate Guide

Your parking lot has a bigger impact on your business than you might think. The condition of your parking lot can determine which customers want to check out your business and which will pass it by. Parking lot restriping not only helps the aesthetic appeal, but it increases safety as well. If you think it’s time to restripe your parking lot, ask yourself these two questions.

Is It Time?

For most businesses, the parking lot needs to be restriped every two years. For other businesses, once a year might be necessary. The hot Florida sun may cause the paint to fade or the asphalt to deteriorate faster than cooler regions. In addition to regular maintenance, if you plan to sell the property, you want the lines to be clear.

Are There Benefits?

On one hand, you can say that one of the biggest benefits of a restriped parking lot is the aesthetic. If your parking lot is disorganized, people are going to feel less confident about your business. First impressions matter. In addition, a striped parking lot is safer for customers. Striping helps direct the flow of traffic. If you do not have indicators of where to park and directions for traffic, you could be liable for accidents on the premises. Not only can you be held accountable for accidents resulting from a poorly striped lot, you may also be in violation of ADA standards. The ADA requires you to have clear handicap spots available in your lot, if these spaces are not clearly marked people may think your property is not accessible and leave as a result.

If you want to ensure that your parking lot has visible and high-quality lines, invest in professional help. To find out more about commercial paving, striping, and other parking lot maintenance strategies, contact Azzarelli Paving and Site Development today by calling 813-296-6500 or sending us an email.

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