What Season Is Best for Asphalt Paving?


Good maintenance on your commercial parking lot requires many things, and over time, you may need to repave the entire surface. A properly maintained paving job can last for up to 25 years. This is of course impacted by use, size, and exposure to year-round weather conditions. Choosing the best time for your business to pave a commercial surface, whether it’s new construction or a touch-up job, can impact the quality and results of the paving job.

Optimum Paving Conditions to Consider

A good paving job needs to take place during the spring or summer. A hot paving job needs temperatures that are at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above, though it is possible to lay asphalt in temperatures down to 50 degrees. The heat from the summer months keeps the asphalt smooth and pliable and allows the contractors more time to ensure it is smooth and even before it hardens. There is also more daylight to work by in the summer months.

A good paving condition also needs to take humidity, precipitation, and wind speed into account. With high winds, the asphalt may cool too quickly. This is especially true when the external temperature is already too close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problems To Avoid

In cooler weather, there is a concern that there is less time to work with the paving material. This can lead to poor quality in how the surface both looks and feels. A good paving job requires patience and time, and summer months provide plenty of daylight and ideal working conditions. Asphalt also tends to hold onto heat, which means paving in the early weeks of summer is best for the safety of the contracting crew. Temperatures that are too hot have their unique problems.

Professionals To Use

With Azzarelli Paving, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your paving job. We do our best at any temperature to ensure a smooth, well-laid product that will last for years to come. Get your estimate today by calling 813-296-6500 or emailing us.

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