How to Design the Perfect Parking Lot

parking lot

Parking Lot Design Tips

As a driver, you may have found yourself in a tight spot at one time or another in a parking lot. Maybe there isn’t enough room in the parking space, or perhaps it’s a high traffic area and accidents frequently occur. If you own a business, having a parking lot that is easy to navigate will leave a lasting impression on employees and clients. The last thing you want is a bad review because your parking lot is lackluster. Your lot should be practical, precise, and sufficient.

Predict Your Traffic Flow

Before you can prepare your parking lot, you need to know what types of vehicles will be using the spaces. Do you expect a lot of big rigs? Will people mostly drive standard cars? Knowing this kind of information can help improve traffic flow and assist with each spot’s spacing, curbing, and angling. According to the ADA, businesses are required to have accessible parking that also meets the legal requirements. This will help with the installation process.

Be Precise in Your Measurements

Contractors need to survey your parking lot ahead of time. We will assess the distances and angles before establishing boundary lines. Every parking lot is different and you need to keep entry and exit positions, environmental conditions, and code requirements in mind.

Ensuring that your parking lot is safe will help your clients and employees feel comfortable parking in your lot. If it takes too much time to find a spot, some people will feel discouraged and give up.  Spaces set at 45 or 60 degrees help keep the traffic flowing and make it easier to pull in and out of spaces. Your angles also influence the dimensions of the driving aisles.

Keep It Attractive

Your parking lot does not have to be an ugly, gray area. It can be appealing and functional. When you make the space engaging, you can lift your customer’s mood when they arrive.

Your parking lot is a critical part of your business. A bad parking lot can deter potential customers and clients. At Azzarelli Paving & Site Development, we have been synonymous with road construction since the 1950s. Consult with us today to design a practical parking lot for your building.

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