How Long Does It Take for Paved Asphalt to Harden?

Paved asphalt is an excellent surface option for businesses looking to provide a smooth, comfortable parking lot for their customers. Whether you’ve just paved your asphalt parking lot for the first time or had repair work done, here are some general guidelines for the amount of time you should wait before using your paved parking area. Be sure to verify a general timeline with your contractor, as these times can vary depending on several factors, including the time of year.

The First 24 Hours

Expect to wait at least 24 hours before standing on your new asphalt. You can walk on the asphalt the next day, as the drying process continues. However, high heels and cleats can leave imprints in your day-old asphalt, so avoid these shoes, car traffic, and any other heavy or sharp objects for at least three days.

After three days, the asphalt is typically completely dry. Of course, humidity and temperature can affect this timeline. Your customers can now park on your road or parking lot without concerns of damage due to excessive weight.

The Complete Drying Process

The drying process happens in phases. Your asphalt may look and feel dry, but a complete curing typically takes much longer than three days. Plan on up to six months of drying before your asphalt is ready for large vehicles.

Long-Term Considerations

In between three days and six months, you can still drive on your driveway or allow customers to park in the parking lot. The edges of your parking lot may be softer than a fully cured surface, so avoid driving off the curb or parking at the very edge of the lot.

Large trucks should either avoid your new asphalt or avoid long-term parking until the lot is fully cured. This will prevent sudden cracks, dents or a compromised structure. For more information or to receive a quote for a freshly paved asphalt parking lot, contact Azzarelli Paving by calling 813-313-4579 or sending an email today.

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