Diagnosing Common Asphalt Problems

asphalt problems

Asphalt Issues to Pay Attention To

Your asphalt is sometimes the first thing customers will see. If your parking lot has severe damage, it will not give a good impression of your company. Fortunately, Azzarelli comes to the rescue with a variety of asphalt services. There are a few ways you can diagnose the issues with your asphalt lot.

Keep a Watch on Cracking

Cracking is going to happen as the heat makes the asphalt fluctuate, but there are different types of cracks to watch for. Block cracking has a larger pattern caused by erosion, settling, and other issues. Alligator cracks are also caused by these issues but have a smaller pattern that looks like alligator skin. Block cracking should be watched and fixed when necessary, however, when alligator cracking begins, it is essential that they get repaired right away. Sometimes removing the substrate and reconstructing the parking lot is necessary.

Pay Attention To Washboarding and Slippage

Both washboarding and slippage are created when the upper layer and lower layers begin to move. This could happen due to several issues such as poor installation, horizontal pressure, or other similar actions. If you notice either of these issues, a patch might be necessary.

Never Ignore Potholes

Potholes don’t just look bad, they can cause a dangerous scenario for anyone who walks through the parking lot. Potholes also cause serious damage to vehicles, so ignoring them is never an option. If a pothole is left for too long, cracks will begin to extend from it, leading to more severe hazards and damages. Many potholes go as deep as to the base of your parking lot asphalt. Repairs are essential as soon as you notice a pothole.

Contact the Professionals To Schedule Services

If you notice any damages to your asphalt, contact the professionals at Azzarelli Paving & Site Development right away.

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