Asphalt Maintenance: Navigating the Florida Seasons

While Florida doesn’t have the defined seasons of their more northern neighbors, the weather still plays an important role when it comes to maintaining a quality parking lot. We understand how to keep your parking lot looking its best throughout the year, and we can advise you on the best times to have work done. The right timing increases the efficiency of the work and can save your company money in the long run.

The Critical Seasons of Winter and Spring

More so than in many other areas, winter and spring are a great time to have asphalt work done. That’s because the temperatures are still warm enough, without the heavy rains that accompany the summer and fall months. This is a great time to engage in a variety of repairs:

  • Pothole maintenance
  • Hot patch repair
  • Crack and pitting repair
  • Sealcoating

Regular maintenance can catch things before they get too bad, increasing the likelihood of a long-lasting solution. One thing that should be considered with routine, preventative maintenance, is sealcoating. With sealcoating, a special formula is applied over the asphalt that makes the parking lot resistant to stains and damage from weather. Due to the lack of freezing and thawing in Florida winters, sealcoating is only needed about once every four years.

The Off Seasons of Summer and Fall

During this time, we recommend that you still keep up with regular maintenance and cleaning. It’s important to keep your parking lot looking and performing its best. Professional cleaning every month or two keeps chemical stains to a minimum and reduces the amount of dirty run-off that enters the waterways.

Our team of professionals at Azzarelli can help you get the most out of your asphalt. Call 813-296-6500 or email us today to learn more!

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