3 Things That Are Destroying Your Asphalt

asphalt damaged by rain

For commercial parking lots, asphalt is a popular choice. It has the durability to stay in good condition with a lot of traffic, and it is an affordable and recyclable material. Unfortunately, it’s not foolproof. Understanding what can be viewed as an enemy of asphalt, can help in preventing those things from badly damaging your lot.

1. Water

Many asphalt parking lots have a drainage system that keeps water from pooling on the surface. Of course, if the lot has not been properly installed or maintained, or if there is certain damage, the water could start to pool up. Standing water weakens pavement, encouraging cracks to expand and turn into potholes.

One of the ways you can avoid this issue is with sealcoating. This thin, liquid layer fills in the cracks and protects your asphalt from being damaged by water.

2. Heavy Vehicles

Your asphalt parking lot was designed to withstand a lot of traffic, but sometimes the vehicles are too heavy to allow the lot to remain in good shape. Rutting often occurs when heavy trucks and other vehicles drive along the same path. If these automobiles park in the same spot on a regular basis, the asphalt could begin to sink where the tires settle.

While this is a natural occurrence for many parking lots, there are some things you can do. First, you can hire a pavement company that knows what they’re doing to install the lot in the first place. Second, you can add thicker layers of asphalt to reinforce areas where heavy vehicles drive and park.

3. Sunlight

It’s interesting that sunlight damages asphalt, just as it damages your skin. You use sunscreen on your skin, so you should apply a protective layer over your asphalt as well. Sealcoating is the sunscreen for your pavement. Having it reapplied every three to five years will protect it from the sun, but also from fuel, oil, and water.

Getting Started

You can see how typical things that occur in everyday life can potentially be detrimental to asphalt. Contact Azzarelli Paving & Site Development today to see how we can help keep your lot in the best shape possible.

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