Protect Your Company from Lawsuits with Quality Paving

In today’s society, lawsuits can come from many directions, including a parking lot in poor shape. Instead of worrying about troublesome and expensive litigation, you can take steps to shield your business from legal problems by maintaining your lot to high standards. Not only are you less likely to get sued, but you also reap the benefits of a beautiful lot, happy customers, and cost-efficiency.

Our team at Azzarelli Paving will help you reach compliance when it comes to ADA requirements. We will also level your asphalt surface to prevent slips, falls, and vehicle damage.

The Risks of Potholes and Cracks

Not only do flaws in the surface of your lot look bad, but they can also result in legal action against your company. This can have severe consequences on your company’s balance sheet. As lawsuits continue to increase throughout society, a quality paving job can mitigate risks in many ways:

  • Eliminate the dangers that come from cracks in the surface
  • Reduce the possibility of vehicle damage from potholes
  • Decrease the risk of personal injury from trips
  • Safeguard against accidents due to faded striping or bad lighting

The cost of repairs to your parking lot is less than even a small lawsuit. Fixing cracks and potholes will cost you a few hundred dollars, while litigation expenses can run into the tens of thousands of dollars or more.

The Dangers of a Neglected Parking Lot

Your company stands to lose a lot from a poorly-maintained parking lot. The risks for premises liability are real. Proactive maintenance limits hazards that can wind up costing you a bundle. Timely repairs, sealcoating, and even repaving your lot offer solid protection from legal action and give you peace of mind.

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